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    what i would like added is the ability to specialise in weapons- first perk in a weapon would add the basic ability (ie sword would add riposte, axe split shield etc) following perks would be weapon specific, working up to weapons master (which could add morale to all in battle but if he dies gives a bigger debuff), i think this would better simulate progression from training/battle practice and make the brothers stand out from each other more, you could have brothers that are masters of 1 weapon or good in 2 or ok in lots, it would also impact on archers, do you take that extra archer perk? or add a 2nd weapon just in case.
    Also a change to the current system there could be perks that just add to melee attack/defence (instead of the current way of improving) but only for that weapon rather than how it is now this would simulate the effect of picking up a new weapon and not being very good with it rather than the current expert in all

    also i would like armour to be split into light and heavy armour to add more tactical variety, wearing light armour could allow people an extra swing of a weapon(perks) and extra movement at the cost of protection, while heavy armour would slow people down. This would allow a solid battle line with lighter armoured people able to flank better or engage then dodge out of combat again (with perks). So not only would it add more tactics its another way of making the brothers individuals with there own talents

    this would need the current 3 tier perk system (offence/defence/utility) changing into weapon, armour, shield (plenty of shield based perks to have its own path), utility and depending on how the camp followers work you could have a path that would give bonuses there as well.

    another idea would be to start some professions off with a perk or 2 to start (with less powerful perks this would mean it isnt to overpowered), so ex soldiers might have a weopon/armour perk based on what gear they come with

    even if this isnt to peoples tastes i would like for there to be more levels and more perks (even if each perk adds less to avoid overpowering) as the current system the brothers tend to be too similar in perks

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