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    Guys I have a problem with sound effects in battle.
    It like game change their volume one effects are normal sometimes less louder sometimes completely silent.
    At first I thought that this vary from how far away point of camera is from vent(like a orc hitting somebody with axe).
    It is persistent and quite annoying.
    In this patch and previous. One of the reason I stop playing.

    Anyone have similar issue or only me?

    Avatar photoRap

    Haven’t heard of this before. Is it with particular sounds only, like only with skills being used or even just with particular weapons or enemies?

    One possible fix might be to delete the ‘openal32.dll’ file in the win32 directory of where Battle Brothers is installed. Please do let me know if that changes anything.

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    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    I tested your suggestion but it didn’t help.
    The music is fine, this bug only affects sound effects.
    Sometimes its work well, sometimes sound is more silent, sometimes there is no effect at all.
    It was like that from the last update before update with events.
    I will try to reinstall game when I get some time and post effects.

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