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    some times i wonder who am i in this game while i was playing it. like playing a FIFA game, am i some sort of superior manager of this mercenary company? because as the official FAQ said, there will be no avatar for the player himself, which is great. i really want to play a game like M&B but with great diffence, not only the art style, but also the gameplay. having an immortal main charater and some immortal followers bores me eventurly. it is also bad to make BB a compatitor of m&b, as “bannerlord is coming”.
    “everyone dies” is a good ideal, reminds me the good time i spent with Darkest Dungeon, i personally like those somehow hardcore badass games. but my qustion here is: if the superior manager style suits BB(i mean if its lorefriendly)?

    in game, the first quest you do counts yourself, the player, as one of the mercenary company, thats why that contracter pays 400 instead of 300, so, here is the end of “god vision explanation” theory, not like most of the strategy games, the player is not something beyond the party beyond the mortal world, then more questions come: why should these fighters listen to the player? why should they obey the decisions made by someone who couldnt fight with them side by side? those fighters risk their lifes to make money for themselves, that poor little salary per day, yet their chief who never goes into the battle get the most part of the income? it is ok for morden war that lots of soldiers fight for a good cause, and those generals and president can stay in the safety zone. plz, not for a small individual mercenary group in BB.

    can we try something like Crusader king did? that the lord or king the player repersents can do everthing and can die, and their death means a lot.

    here are a little ideas on how to execute:
    1. someone from the fighter rank repersents the leader of the campany, who can die like his colleges do.[the leader is a “real person”]
    2. if he dies, some members might want to leave(resolve check, trait loyal/disloyal check) with/without their equipments and take some money as well(the amount could be his one day salary).[they are good friends to the former leader or they simply think this party is done]
    3. if he dies, someone from the fighter rank will replace him, the replacing check order could be: whether he has the perk “captian” or not > whether he is the elder of the company(to simulate this, just check the sequence of the company members).
    4. the leader always get an extra trait called “leader”, gives him double salary and 5 points of moral(maybe 10, but lets not to make the leader too broken).[so the “greedy” could make some real damage to the party treasuery]
    5. the fallen of the leader wont impact the moral of others fighters(if the leader had captain perk, then they lose some moral of cause, but if not, who cares?)
    6. if the leader has a trait like “greedy” or “irrational” or “clumsy”, his crew may want to revolt(a small chance to pup up a event to kill or banish the leader instantly, check per week maybe), if the leader has a trait like “craven” or “dastard”, while one of his crew has “cocky”, the cocky one will chanllege the leader into a duel(pup up an event but also a combat phrase which the player could only watch, check per 3 battles maybe, if the leader win, he may lose the certain bad trait, or gain a new trait “superstitious”).[interactions between leader(the player) and his crew makes the party more alive]
    7. dismiss a leader with some certain bad traits will cause the party lose a lot of money and even lose some nice equipments/foods from the inventory.[for his own sake]

    the ideas above are all realistic and more lorefriendlly to the world BB is creating with, and they make the game more complicate and fun, more combinations and more concequences.
    (mentioning other games in this thread means no offence to anyone.)

    plz consider about these my humble daydreaming. xD

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