Topic: Why do charging orcs only stun their target some times?

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    When I first started I don’t think I ever saw an orc fail to stun their target when charging. Lately though I’ve been seeing quite a few battle brothers getting charged and somehow avoiding being stunned, I’d like to know why and if there’s something I can do to help avoid being stunned.

    Do charging orcs just have a fixed chance to stun the target, like 75% per charge?

    Does the stun part of the charge attack have a chance to hit, and by having high melee defense you increase you chance of avoiding being stunned?

    Or am I just seeing a bug and charges should always result in a stun?


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    To me it seems to work like the stun of a mace. (if you hit you have a 75% chance to stun)
    The only difference seems to be, that the charge never misses. The stun still can.

    Please correct me if I´m wrong.

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    The orc charge has a high chance to stun, but it can be lowered by equipping a good shield and further lowered by using the shieldwall skill prior to impact.

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    Thanks for confirming that! That’s great to know.

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