Topic: Will a new campaign be required for upcoming DLC?

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    I am just curious, i tend to get pretty attached to my party members and if i could play the upcoming dlc with my existing team that would be great,
    however i understand if that cant be implemented with new map size and locations etcs, anyway the game is incredible and i look forward to the dlc, i have 260 hours clocked already which is longer than any game i have played.

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    At this point in time it looks like this: Savegames will be compatible, and you’ll be able to continue your current campaign with some of the DLC content. In order to get the most out of the DLC and to have access to all the new content, however, you’ll have to start a new campaign. This is still subject to change, and we’ll give you guys detailed information as we get closer to release and things are finalized.

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