Topic: Will the map drawing tools be for sale?

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    This is not a question about map editor for the game itself.
    I’m talking about tools to be able to draw your own maps for your own purposes, be it a giant poster for your own fantasy land you want to hang up in the walls of your room.
    Or be it used to baordgames and so forth.

    I really really like the artwork you guys put into making the map and world. Well pretty much everything. And this coming from a Weaboo who spendt xmas night considering buying a waifu pillow. So give your artist a well deserved cookie for that.

    Now to my intentions.
    I like the design of the map. I’ve been taking screenshots of different random generated map to use for my DnD boardgames.

    But I would really like to be able to just have the tools to be able to draw one out myself. Its excellent for boardgames like DnD or warhammer
    Will such a tool ever be for sale seperatly?
    It dosnt need to inflict the game but rather just some extra product you can sell alongside the game. I dunno if you guys even used tools that allows the map generator to generate those random generated maps. I might give some extra sales for people who might not even be interested in the game itself, but would like a tool to make their own fantasy / low fantasy maps

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    Still waiting for an answere…

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    No, we won’t create a map drawing tool to sell separately.

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