Topic: Wolfrider's Wolves Gain An Immediate Attack Once Their Rider Is Slain

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    Not sure if Rahziel reported this or not, but I do not believe that a Wolfrider’s Wolf should be put in the very next turn after it’s killer has ended his turn.

    Additionally, shouldn’t the Wolfrider’s Wolf take morale into account before its rider is slain? I killed all goblins aside from one injured, retreating Wolfrider. After selecting “Run Them Down” I then was able to snipe the rider, killing him. His “Wavering Morale” Wolf though, in the next turn order, ran back to attack a fully armored Brother.

    I don’t believe any animal would act like this, especially since Direwolves have such low morale… Perhaps Wolfriders need more work?

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    Working as intended.

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