Topic: Wrong parameter being passed to function in lindwurm_tail.nut

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    In the function onDamageReceived of lindwurm_tail.nut, there is a call to buildPropertiesForBeingHit where it passes the wrong parameters.

    Specifically it is on Line 202 local p = this.m.Body.m.Skills.buildPropertiesForBeingHit(_attacker, _skill, _hitInfo.BodyPart);. In this line the third parameter should be _hitInfo, not _hitInfo.BodyPart.

    The wrong parameter remains benign in most cases, however, if the lindwurm has a status effect which tries to access the hitInfo, it bugs out the entire skills and makes the tail unkillable.

    Solution: Replace _hitInfo.BodyPart in that line with _hitInfo.

    Avatar photoRap

    Fixed for the next update. Thanks for letting us know.

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