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    Playing on an Xbox Series X. At Day 135. Finished the Goblin/Orc ending around day 100.
    I have 94 items in my inventory so I go to town (which has Ambushed Trade Routes) and sell most of it.

    At this point if I:
    1. Save Campaign and Overwrite a save it says it works (the date-time stamp changes correctly) but when I exit the game and come back it is still the save point (including the old date-time stamp) that I tried to overwrite.
    2. Save Campaign and create a New SaveGame I can get to the screen where I name the save, but at the resulting screen ‘Enter Name’ with the No and Yes buttons the game freezes and my controller no longer works. I have to go to the Xbox Home screen and Exit the game. When I get back in the New SaveGame isn’t there (not a surprise of course).

    I figured it may be something with too many save games or save-game space so I deleted all of them except the one I was currently on. Same results.

    Note, if I don’t sell any of the ~90 inventory items the game saves as normal and I can go on my merry way. I haven’t tried to sell just a few and go to another town to sell some… hoping you guys can fix it.

    Thanks for your help,

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    The Xbox version is not being developed by us, but I’ve forwarded your report to our partners at Ukiyo Publishing. Thank you for taking the time to write this down.

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