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    Fast im European who live in Japan. So my English could be unintelligible. 2 Dont blame my ideas,Because it is just idea. My ideas could be miss match with this game.but my ideas dont have any hate to this game or who play this game,who developing this game,who make contents for this game. 3 My ideas could be already appeared.If it is that,say me.4 My ideas is free to use on this game and mods.If u want to use say something on this forum and description on your contents.
    Orcs can be your teammate.
    Some orcs(like orc young) may admire to fight with your company. May be some orc open them heart to Wildman and they want to fight with him,Like Swordmaster and squire.Orcs may have high fatigue and high HP but i think that they dont have resolve.And they could be have damage boost in male and throwing things like 20% or 30%. May be some people ask why one of your brothers is so huge or smell.Orcs can be have original perk(e.g. charge). And some orc young could be a warrior if they fight long.

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