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    Hello guys, how’s it going? fine? great :)
    I’m writing this, because the game for me is great and I’was thinking if you talk with the youtubers for to be the game more popular. No get play this game because I don’t have money right now, but I’ll buy. The shape of this game i love it. I support you %100.
    Excuse me, my english is bad, I speak spanish but I study english.

    Avatar photoSeadd

    From what I’ve seen so far Reformist is the only Youtuber that has made a video about Battle Brothers, at least in the sphere of Youtubers that I watch. I’d love to see more attention brought to this game. From what little time I have to play video games I’ve spent hours of my time already.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hola Omar,
    claro que aqui at Overhype hablamos todos idiomas :)
    “ReformistTM” ha hecho un Lets play muy bueno pero tambien puedes ver el video de “Splattercatgaming” “Das24680” o quizas “BumpyMcSquigums”.
    Ay, tambien hay un Lets play en español pero por desgracia he olvidado como se llama el tio….tienes que buscarlo.

    Hast ahora!!

    Overhype Studios - Let´s roll!

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    Avatar photoOmar

    thanks colleague :)

    Avatar photoOmar

    thanks colleague :)

    thanks colleague :)

    Avatar photoOmar

    Gracias colega! muy amable de tu parte.
    Perdona el doble-post soy nuevo y no se como borrarlo.

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    I don’t speak Spanish very well, so I’ll just post Let’s plays instead.

    Tomme25 (who posts here):


    Writing Bull (in German):

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