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    In my recent game I started, when I tried to clean up my first abandoned graveyard (which is the one that’s always near the starting town), this happened:
    This is when  I realised that something went wrong

    and I just went on with it

    and this is where I gave up.

    What happened is, three zombies, one after another, with identical sprite spawned in a place of dead bodies. It didn’t happen every time though, sometimes zombies respawned just like they usually do. Also it could be that zombies in a bundle of three spawned out of particular bugged hexes, but I’m not sure on that one.
    P.S. I attached my log file in archive because it was too big otherwise.
    P.S.S. I replayed the autosave from before that fight 3 times and the bug didn’t repeat.

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    You should update to the current version ( as this issue, I believe, was fixed.

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