Now Available on GOG


Now Available on GOG

Battle Brothers is now available on GOG here with a 25% launch discount to celebrate the occasion. It comes with all the tactical challenge and goodness, and all the achievements of the Steam version, but none of the DRM. Huzzah!

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    Jul 20, 2017 @ 23:35 pm

    Congratulation with release on GOG!

    What about macOS version of Battle Brothers? Is it in plans or not? Please answer as Battle Brothers doesn’t support playing in Wine :(


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      Aug 6, 2017 @ 13:32 pm

      Hi John, If you tried to play Battle Brothers on Mac OSX’s Vine, I assume you used an illegal copy of the game to try it.
      No hard feeling here, I see that you’re interested in buying the Game on Mac OSX. I just wanted to know where you got this copy from?
      If you bought a PC version for your Mac, I’m sorry to hear that.

      I think the Bbrothers developers should offer a trial version so that people like you can try the product on their platform before buying it.
      It would avoid any nasty surprise in case of incompatibility with your OS.

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      Aug 6, 2017 @ 13:39 pm

      Oh, I’m sorry for the “up” but I forgot to ask you a very important question.

      As I did not buy the additional content on GOG, will I be able to get the limited-edition fangshire helmet or will I need to buy the supporter edition on GOG to be able to use it in the game?
      Is there any way to support the FangShire helmet from my steam version on the GOG one?

      Or can you send me an update for that? I am a very big fan of your game, and as I mentioned above, I bought it at the full price, without discount, on both Steam and GOG.
      I really hope you will be willing to offer me the Fangshire helmet on my GOG without pushing me to buy twice the supporter edition…

      Let me know your decision…. but I’m certain it is possible for you to send me a patch with this item.
      Hope to hear from you soon!

      Ben (Eden)

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      Aug 6, 2017 @ 17:40 pm

      Well, it’s ok. I decided to buy the supporter edition upgrade anyway. I noticed I need to buy it to get the helmet.
      Hope I’ll get a special discount on your future game as a fan! :-)

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    Jul 21, 2017 @ 9:17 am

    This is very good news!

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    Aug 4, 2017 @ 12:02 pm

    The devs stopped working on the game beyond update 1.1

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    Aug 6, 2017 @ 13:24 pm

    Hi there,

    As you know, I already bought your product on steam, but I decided to buy it on GOG as well. I know it might sounds stupid to buy the game on both platform but I wanted to thank you for this great game.

    However, I did not buy the additional content (Soundtrack and lorebook) as I already have them on steam. Plus, I did not buy the game at a 25% discount, I did not know it was released on GOG so I couldn’t get the promo on time.

    As I’m a little broke recently, I couldn’t spend much money. Is there anything new in the GOG version that I don’t have on my steam version ?

    Best regards,
    Ben alias Eden

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    Aug 10, 2017 @ 9:53 am

    BB is a nice indie game with potential.

    However, its review need to factor in that the dev will no longer support the game both in terms of patches or DLC/expansion content. As it stands right now, BB is not wroth its full price.

    Try to pick it up during a sale because this game simply lacks content for the asking price.

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