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Battle Brothers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Do I have to start a new campaign to play a DLC I just purchased?

You can continue your current campaign with a new DLC, but you won’t have access to all of the new content until you start a new campaign. Starting a new campaign is very much recommended.

The game takes forever to save, or the game crashes on loading a saved game, what can I do?

This is almost always caused by an anti-virus application interfering with the game. Make sure to add the Battle Brothers executable to the white list of your anti-virus application, especially if you’re using Avast or BitDefender.

I don’t understand how X works in the game!

We recommend you take a look at the Battle Brothers Wiki where all game mechanics are explained in detail.

Orcs / Goblins / Necrosavants / Geists / Ancient Dead / X are OP!

Every single enemy in the game can be reliably beat with the right approach. If you fail to beat an enemy, try a different tactic and different equipment. Figuring this out is part of the game. Alternatively, there’s excellent guides such as this one which explain strategies for beating different opponents. There’s also many friendly and helpful people on this discussion board who will explain to you how to beat whatever challenge you’re facing if you but ask.

RNG in the game is broken!

The game uses a proven implementation of Mersenne Twister as a pseudo-random number generator, and it’s working just fine. The human brain just isn’t particularly good at handling probabilities. For example, we are much more likely to remember those times where an attack fails despite an 80% chance to hit than that time where we succeed with an attack despite having a mere 20% chance to hit.

What about translations?

Unfortunately, supporting additional languages is not something we can do. You can read up on why this is the case here. That being said, there’s a fan-made but incomplete translation to Russian available here.

What platforms can the game be played on?

Battle Brothers is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. The game is also reported to run fine with Steam Play on Linux.

What about multiplayer?

Battle Brothers is built solely as a singleplayer game.

How about owning a base, like a castle?

This would run counter to the concept of a roaming mercenary company. We understand that some people would love to manage a village or castle, and there’s no doubt that this could make for an interesting game experience in a game of its own. However, it’s not what Battle Brothers is about. We recommend Mount & Blade Warband if that is the kind of experience you’re looking for.

How about becoming king of the land? Or building a trade empire?

This game is about leading a mercenary company of regular human beings in a low fantasy world, and that’s what we focus our resources on.

How about hiring orcs? What about elves and dwarfs? What about having mages?

Battle Brothers is about leading a mercenary company of regular human beings in a low fantasy world. It’s a core pillar of the game’s setting, and it’s never going to change.

How about a leader character I can create myself that takes part in battle?

Having a player character in battle would conflict too much with some of the core gameplay elements such as permadeath of individual characters.

Will there ever be mod support?

There’s a bunch of mods already out there for the game, see here and here. Although we would have liked to support modding beyond what is currently possible, early on in the development of Battle Brothers we had to make tough decisions to get the game made at all. These decisions can’t be undone anymore, and that’s just the way it is. If there is ever going to be a Battle Brothers 2, it’ll have full-fledged mod support for sure.

What about Battle Sisters?

Adding female characters would mean a considerable work-load when we want a whole lot of other things in the game, too, many of which could be considered more important additions. The main hurdle is that the game consists of more than 250,000 words at last count, all of would have to be edited in a way as to account for both sexes.

That being said, if we’d ever add female characters into the game, they’d come with their own backgrounds that take into account how a quasi-medieval world treats them, so they won’t just be male characters with different heads. Just like their male counterparts, some would be more and some would be less suited to the hard life as mercenaries. Here is a preview of how they might look.


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