Battle Brothers FAQ - turn based strategy game

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Battle Brothers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this FAQ you will find all your questions about our turn based strategy game Battle Brothers answered. If there is a question you have not found head over to the forums or shoot us an email at

Will there be mod support?

Maybe. We’d like to support modding eventually. However, our resources are limited and our priority is in creating the best possible core game first. It could be a while until modding becomes possible, if at all, and we can’t make any promises at this time.

Will there be multiplayer?

Battle Brothers is a singleplayer only game.

Are you be able to own a base?

No, as this would run counter to the concept of a roaming mercenary company.

Are you be able to become king of the land? Can you build a trade empire?

No. Battle Brothers is about leading a mercenary company of regular human beings in a low fantasy world, and that’s what we focus our resources on.

Are there be elves and dwarfs I can hire? Can I hire orcs?

No. Battle Brothers is about leading a mercenary company of regular human beings in a low fantasy world.

Are there mounts for my characters?

No, the game is focused on skirmish-level infantry combat for now.

Is there a leader character I can create myself that takes part in battle?


Will there be Battle Sisters?

Not at first, as this would mean a considerable work-load when we want a whole lot of other things in the game, too. If ever there is an expansion beyond the initial release, we’d love to get female characters into the game as well. They’d come with their own backgrounds that take into account how a quasi-medieval world treats them, so they won’t just be male characters with different heads. Just like their male counterparts, some will be more and some will be less suited to the hard life as mercenaries. Here is a preview of how they might look:


Will there be other ethnicities present?

Not at first. If we ever get the chance to expand the game beyond it’s initial release we’d love to add different cultures to the game with the attention they really deserve. An oriental-based culture, for example, which could come with their own looks, names, character backgrounds, architecture, lore as conveyed by contracts and events, beasts based on oriental folklore, and loads of medieval-era equipment which actually makes a difference in gameplay.