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 Overhype Studios

The Team behind Battle Brothers



Overhype Studios is an independent game developer studio from Hamburg, Germany. We are devoted to making excellent games that we want to play ourselves. Our games thrive to reflect the creativity, complexity and originality from the old days when game developers were passionate gamers, not corporate businessmen.

Right now we’re working on our first big project: BATTLE BROTHERS, a challenging turn based tactical RPG for PC.

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The Team

Jan aka Jaysen

Business, Marketing

Jan is in charge of PR, marketing, social media, business and all that paperwork.

The Team

Paul aka Crabcakes


Paul is responsible of designing all graphical assets and images in and outside of the game.

The Team

Christof aka Rap


Christof is responsible for programming the game and all that technical stuff.

The Team



Casey is the writer responsible for all the texts in the game: Events, contracts, character backgrounds and more.

The Team

Breakdown Epiphanies

Music Composers

Breakdown Epiphanies are composing the Battle Brothers Soundtrack - check out their amazing Soundcloud Page!


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