Reply To: a couple questions

Avatar photoBobHound

This isn’t technically a question but I thought the feedback might fit here. I play the demo on and off since it’s just good relaxing fun in the way the mission structure is right now. I have fiddled around with different combinations and have basically ended up with what (perhaps to my playstyle) is the winning formula. It being as much armor as possible on everything but ranged units. I mean two-handers having slightly less armor can be useful, but in my mind the balance currently favours wearing as much heavy armor as possible due to how vulnerable your brothers are. It could be that I play the line battles a lot and in the game movement might be more useful if you end up in a lot of scenarios where the enemies don’t engage you immediately. I suppose it also makes sense that armor is a Good Thing™, but at the moment I at least feel like light armored units that want to have some use in melee will almost invariably turn into red splatter on the ground.