Reply To: Inconsistent Esc key

Avatar photoRap

Thank you for your feedback and support. I agree with you completely. However, be safe in the knowledge that an ingame menu simply didn’t make it into the demo. We’ll have one working as can be expected when pressing Esc in the full game, allowing for loading, saving and changing options. With only separate missions, no worldmap and no way to load or save in the demo we didn’t consider an ingame menu a necessity at the time, although in retrospect I suppose we could have added a placeholder confirmation box when pressing Esc.

The UI as a whole is still subject to change. Only recently did we redo the layout of the character and inventory screen, and it’s quite possible other things will change as well as long as we’re still tinkering with game mechanics. The UI also only has a placeholder look for now (although quite many people seem to mistake it for a final one); only after we’re sure that the UI is finalized will we go on to skin it and give it a look matching the setting and contributing to the medieval/mercenary atmosphere.

Nevertheless, if you noticed other inconsistencies, please do let us know (:

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