Reply To: Cool New Ideas & Some Old Ones Too

Avatar photoRap

Thank you for your suggestions and the kind words. I’ll quickly go over all your points, as you requested.

1) No to nets ‘misfiring’. Maybe to others being able to free their allies.
2) No. It’s important we keep weapon types distinct and useful for different reasons, in different situations. Adding half-swording and similar techniques would blur the difference between weapons too much.
3) Yes, these are in the game now.
4) Yes, also in the game now.
5) Yes and no. We’ll look at leveling and endgame balance when we revise the perk system and introduce a more complex injury system later down the road. However, we’ll not let you scale indefinitely (whether achieved through a level cap or other means) and we’ll not scale enemies with you indefinitely.
6) Yes.
7) No.
8) Escort contracts work differently now, so no.

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