Reply To: Along the Road: Flowers for M’lady

Avatar photoAmazing Aardvark

Thank you for the info. I didn’t know about the steam forum, and I might end up adding some comments over there. One thing they said about the bar room gossip was that they wanted more material so that the patrons wouldn’t be using the same lines over and over again. It makes sense to have multiple people offering unique ideas for stories, jokes, and gossip. You don’t want players skipping dialogue because it is boring, and you don’t want them to have to skip a redundant comment, quest, or event.

I really like the idea they have for the community input, and what I’m doing here is just my own little way of trying to help them out with the short stories part. I’ve played this game a significant amount and have ran into the same “Along the Road” type events time and again. My hope for this game is that you won’t ever need to skip something because you’ve seen it before. It would be awesome for every story to be original and interesting enough to grab players attention and emotions and immerse them in the game world. But hey, those are just my two cents.