Reply To: Suggestions; Impressions; Compliments

Avatar photoLove Gun

My thoughts on some of your notes:

1) Toggle Helmets
Very nice and original idea.

2) Casualties
Same here! It’s hard to remember how the attribute points and the skills for every single brother have to be spent, so that they do end up how you want them to be. For this reason it would be very nice, if one could not only see the character sheet of a fallen brother, but also see how many points you already have spent in which attributes and even pre-select how one wants to distribute the points/skill-points for each merc and then just confirm, if the points indeed shall be spent as predetermined or if one wants to differ at level up. In addition, it would be great, if one could save such builds and load them to each merc at will.

5) Half Swording
Good idea for a perk-to-be.

6) Melee with Throwing Weapons
I think the same. It would make sense; to have at least the (degraded) basic attacks of their respective melee weapons. (They do lack a second skill anyway. ;P)

7) Goblins are Overpower
I think it would be enough to restrict the goblins’ unit mix and their weapon usage, to create weaker goblin units meant for early to mid game.
Something like, if they have poison arrows, the melee units don’t have nets or vice versa; or if they use nets, the shaman does not cast this roots spell.

8) Skill Fatigue Cost
-I think that is more a problem of the flail’s special skill. Why choose “hits one of three targets”, when you actually always want/need to hit one specific target. I suppose it has a higher hit chance, given that it is targeted at three instead of only one entity. But if you want a higher hit chance a spear is the, more accurate, better choice. Maybe a (chance for a) morale check, that is tirggered for the units, the lash is targeted at, would make its use more appealing, because they all fear to be hit or a foe using a flail, constantly swinging it above his head is kind of intimidating.
Another way, I can think of, could be to reduce the lash’s fatigue cost, below the one of flail; or to add a melee defense bonus of 5 for one turn, so that it is more appealing for tank builds; or add a third skill, that is only usable together with a shield equipped, that rises the bonus of the shieldwall by another 5 or 10, simulating that enemies don’t dare to attack.

PS: The edit button is new, isn’t it? ^^ …I love this button already.
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