Reply To: Along the Road: A Day at the Fair

Avatar photoLove Gun

No-fan here again. ;P

Some ideas, that cross my mind right now:
(The return of the anteater^^)
Since the anteater is also a part of the hunting story. Maybe you can make it that after you saw the show, and when you visit the fair another time, it is stated, that “The Amazing Aardvark” escaped.

There could be goblins coming to free their kin/shaman.

One of the merc could ride a pony/donkey and is thrilled.(much like the passage about “I wish we had horses”)

Or the band could act a little bandit-like. Stealing one of the prize winning animals(or make a snatch buying the second place cow from her disgruntled owner at an extraordinary low price), getting food. Take revenge on the scammer, by robbing him in the evening/night.

Furthermore you could write something about a juggler, a fire-eater, some ambigous talk about a sword-swallowing artist, a theatrical performance, who-dares-to-challenge-the-strongman (in a fight), strongman games or a merc losing his heart to the belle of the village or anything else relating to the village, that could be transferred to the fair(e.g. robbers that use the fair to clear the villagers houses of all their valuables, while they are enjyoing the fair. And maybe it turns out, that the robbers work together with the travelling people or that is what the village people do believe and you as the merc captain have to judge.).