Reply To: Your brothers' builds

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you play with save/load ? I do not think that Leif could survive well in the early stages of the company. I must admit that as a pure situational DD he looks good. but I prefer a little more reliable build.

Leif started off using sword-and-board, as do most of my Battle Brothers. I start planning who my two-handed weapons users will be early, but they frequently don’t start smashing faces until they’re at Tier 2 / Tier 3 Offense.

When they finally are tough enough in HP and Fatigue to take hits, I start them off using pikes and billhooks for the range (letting them stand behind the meatshields). Once they hit level 10 and have Quick Hands + Bags and Belts I shove them into the front line. By that point they have pikes/billhooks, greatswords/warbrands, greataxes of some kind, and two other random weapons that I choose based on the character. They’re also prioritized as far as heavy armor goes, and they’re actually VERY reliable once they reach the point I’m talking about.

I do play with save/load sometimes. I’ve done a couple Ironman playthroughs, but I usually prefer to just play through the game normally.