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A good game that can be great!
Here are some proposals:
1. Options > Controls > key mapping.
Why ‘p’ is always a pause ???
+ Hotkeys for switching items from belt.
2. Options > Gameplay > Difficulty (for example, change it from easy to normal after starting a game).
3. New campaign > customized map generation (like in “Don’t starve”). For example, number of cities, amount of water/forest/swamp tiles, number of hordes\bandits, etc.
4. 100% we need a leader of party. With own stats, perks and other stuff (like in “Mount & Blade”).
The most needed perks are:
– renown (ability to influence on NPC)
– leadership (party size. Saw an NPC with 15 party size. Why don’t we can have more?)
– surgery (abilitiy to resurrect fallen brothers after a battle / heal speed)
– trade (prices…)
– packery (stash size)
– craft skill (from items to fortressess)
– survivalist (food consumption, map moving speed)
5. Units training in cities or by party leader. The generated stats of units are so random that starting the game and then in midgame wiping all of your “good old friends” with lvl 7-8 for a newbies (lvl 2-3) with much greater stats is a casual deal.
6. Craft system. Of any kind.
7. Horses. Very strange to see warg riders and no horses.
8. Magicans / healers or at least bards for balancing the necromancers.
9. Ability to atack cities / caravans / ships (piracy).
10. Leg armor. Traders of bows/arbalets. Dyes for armor.
11. Custom buildings at the map that needed to be explored. For example, cave that might have a treasure or 10 vampires:) (exporing could be a skill too).
12. Ability to have an own city/village and build it by your own plan:).
13. Resources gathering – mining in mountains, fishing, food gathering, etc
14. Multiple active quests (1 per faction). Hate the patrol quests, they are just terrible.
15. Monster cities in hidden locations (for example, a very strong fortress of orcs…)
16. NPC’s that support/join you only during the quest.
17. Some kind of “main quest” with cutscenes.
18. Battle sisters :). Yeap, why are there only men in party ?:)
19. Own perks / abilities for unit classes: warrior, rogue, ranger, bard/magican.
20. Correct items filter. For example, pushing “filter by type” it just hides the rest but items still stay on their spots, so I have empty page that neeeded to be scrolled O_o.
21. Action points skills/perks for battle brothers. Two-handed weapons are useless because of 6 AP cost.