Reply To: Old glitch with tutorial not starting right away

Avatar photospamtaboo

Hello Jaysen,

I did not mean to sound harsh, I apologize. And I did not know that guys who run forum are also developers. You do deserve a lot of credit for the great game you did, and for the hard work you keep doing, kudos to you.

My main question is if you are going to make the quest tooltip (the area with your active quest) interactive (so one can click on it) so it would focus on the location of the quest if it is not restricted by rules of the quest. At all (I mean ever), is there such feature in your plans.

Sometimes I spend frustrating amount of time scrolling through the map to find some location and sometimes I have to even drop quests just because I cannot find some place (like 2nd point of the patrol mission, or necromancers den in the chain of quests.) Not to mention the fact that at times I can miss a day or two and then get back to the game, so I cannot remember all the map. As many guys do here, I play on self imposed iron man mode on deadly difficulty, so it means I restart a lot to try different tactics and of course lack of such simple functionality gets under my skin a bit.