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There are some weaknesses to this. Not every character will make a great Nimble fighter, so it’ll take a while to get the perfect lineup, and enemies like goblins and bounty hunters / mercenaries will make mincemeat of your shieldless army. Carrying spare kite shields with Bags and Belts ought to help.
One question that comes to mind is “How are you distributing points?” When you specialize someone, their stats tend to be easy to focus. A ranged character typically increases ranged attack at every level; a melee fighter takes some combination of melee defense / HP / Fatigue / melee attack. Etc. But when you start getting guys who you want to be good at both melee and ranged combat, your points get a little more sparse.
Basically, I’d love to know what your method is so I can try it out myself.

-When you start you dont go around hiring just anyone. However you are sort of right, the current way leveling works with randomized stats could (and probably will) screw you heavily for a nimble build – which is one of the main reasons i ABSOLUTELY hate it. There seems to be some obsession with making the game difficult, but this is just stupid, it doesnt make the game more difficult it just prevents me from customizing my bros. /rant over

-I absolutely hate goblins so i pretty much avoid fighting them completely, other than those wolf riders. I dont have the patience to maneuver around for 15 minutes and then chase them all over the godamn map when they start running away. Plus you have to attack them during the night etc, its just too exhausting and microish and you gain almost nothing out it (why waste time doing that when you go around killing bandits who will hurt you less, and net you way more useful items and profits…).

-I dont know what bounty hunters and mercenaries are? If you mean Thugs and Raiders nimble build is perfect for them. You will however have to take at least 1 round worth of arrows/bolts. But you can switch your archers from crossbows to bows (to gain distance advantage and pick their archers out) or you said you can always take shields with you and use them until archers are dead. If the enemy has up to 4 archers i simply rush my 6 archers on both flanks, 3 each. Usually the enemy will target them, but they wont have enough firepower/luck to murder anyone (plus once i get to utility 4 they start wearing 150 armor and 140 helmet, because those cost almost the same as their old armors did). If the enemy has more than 4 archers, its shield time. Note that i only fear crossbows, bows are meh.

-When i recruit archers i make sure that they have at least 50 or close to 50 melee. If they dont i up them to 50 melee and then add fatigue, ranged and melee defence. Before once i hit like 60 archery anything over that would be overkill, but yesterday i had situations where 4 78% shots would miss in a row (crossbows in particular feel like Russian roulette to me now). So now im considering going more. As for skills on archers i go 4 utility, 4th being that skill that reduces fatigue to armor (sometimes i take 5th, the one that lets you move back without triggering auto attack). After that i switch to nimble.

-As for melees its a pretty straight forward process, go for nimble asap, then switch for utility 4 and pick the armor -50% fatigue thingie, and then IIRC i have 2 more points or something; i believe i put one into that skill that prevents my bros from suffering fear effect and cant remember what i did with last one or w/e, doesnt really matter at that point. Stats: fatigue, melee and melee defense from level 1. p.s. thanks devs for randomized stats, +1 melee defense on like 2/3s of level ups is AWESOME. /rant over

-What do you get this way? Well you get a party that can reliably and easily take on everything, other than goblins (which is fine with me since i avoid them completely anyway). Nimble build is awesome because it turns your puny little bros into orc warrior slayers. There is nothing more beautiful than watching Orc Warriors attack them, or push them to reach the archers, only to realize that the archers simply switch to melee weapons and slaughter them (either from back line or frontline with one handers). The true melees get hit like i dont know, once every whatever attacks, and while archers start off in a different direction, near the maximum level they become like 2/3rd as competent at melee as pure melees (naturally theyll have a little less melee defense and less melee, however they should work fine vs everything other than absolutely hardest-to-hit enemies).

-This 6/6 build was the only way i could defeat 10 Orc Warriors (mixed with some berserkers) and ive also tested it against almost everything else other than goblins. It may also work against them i suppose, you just have to put the shields on for ranged defense and switch archers to melee?