Reply To: New lvl up stat distribution system

Avatar photoghoulavenger

Do not like a removal of randomness at all.
There are games with everything fixed. Like Warlock. And there are games where dices are rolling. No need to mix them. Are you content with damage randomness? When you want to remove bad rolls you also remove good rolls. For the sake of your unbelieveng that rolls in the mass are averagly equally fair to you.

I’m not quite sure I follow you. I don’t know what you mean there are games with dice rolling etc etc. Random numbers are pretty much the core of every game that has ranges. RPG elements such as character development are almost never purely random, while their attack and defense rolls usually are. By proposing that stats become more background deterministic you don’t remove all that much randomness from the game — you just make it more consistent. Backgrounds are still random, their starting stats are still random it is simply how you develop them that is not.

And actually I believe the farm hand makes an excellent front line soldier, give him a spear (easier to hit), a shield, and the heaviest armour you can find (he has a high health and stamina pool) — does just fine.