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Hello, long time forum lurker here. Just recently started to voice my thoughts and opinions.

More Merc Bands!

Maybe group battles over the same target, and fight over who gets the ‘proof’ or head.

Spoiler Alert: this happens.

High stakes gambling!
Good idea, mid to late game gambling for 5 gold is a waste of time.

A base!
This has been brought up, it’s something I personally would love to see. Give us something to work for besides just better gear. I believe this may not be something the dev’s are planning however.

Crafting/Such things!

I mean, we could really use a sorta ‘quality’ on the items.

They have these already in game. Both named and certain “High Quality” Weapons/Armor. Check the weaponsmith and armorer everytime you’ll see em. Or you’ll get lucky in combat and get one. I don’t feel that the addition of crafting will have a huge impact on the game.

I don’t feel strongly either way on this.

Non-Battle Skills!
Agreed highly. I have posted this same thing a few posts down.


Yes plz. Or at the very least combat in an urban setting.

More Races!
Pretty sure the devs have said this isn’t happening. Maybe you can hope for this in dlc later on.

More Beasts!
Not enough beasts, I agree. Remember this is a low fantasy setting.

This is a work in progress. The beginning portion is already in the game. Just need to get further in, and develop more relations/renown

A log!
Yes Please!

A way to raise base default level of relationship with a faction!

So.. Say a Town is being razed, and I save all the fools; Let the town/faction level for me be raised, like bench marked at a certain point. So they know, Hey I saved you all. Love me. And it won’t degrade below that point!

Yes to saving town, getting relation. No to not degrading below a certain point. What if you later raid the town, etc.

Default Combat Unit Placement!
Yes Please. There has been a lot of talk about this. I’m sure its something there working on. This could be tied into the skills outside of combat, or a hireling, etc.

More Combat Pets!

Better Skill try!
Would love some more work to be done on the skill tree. The bigger the better. Love building my brothers and trying different builds.

They plan on implementing something like this. But not a stationary structure. Something more like a supply train that follows you around or is part of your actual group.

Better Exploration!
They have this in the game, albeit a little basic. I always hop onto mountains for a second, as it will greatly increase my LOS. Also they have enemy camps/dungeons hidden, just have to find them. The bartender can give you hints. Also I would love for the watch towers that we see to act the same as a mountain, minus the slowing of your troop on world map.

All in all some good points here. Sounds like you need to get a little further in your game however. Happy hunting.