Reply To: Worldmap Update Feedback

Avatar photoAuralianus

I would like to see a difference in movement speed whether you have tracking mode activated or not.
To me it seems legit, that you cannot travel so fast when you’re trying to follow and find tracks.

The moment the game offers to “cure” or otherwise remove certain negative effects/traits from a character
I’d also agree to have more possible negative effects from wounds. Right now this would be game breaking
for me. In the current state of the game, where you cannot even determine how to initially set up your
troops properly or pre-define a camping/marching formation or a battle setup (in case you forget to swap
back your equipment after each and every battle) such a system would just ruin everything pretty much on
a random basis.

Also I would like to see mounts and carts in the game. Carts could offer more carrying capacity, but could
be also got damaged/destroyed by the enemy. Then you should try to repair it or should carry everything by
hand or leave behind a portion of your stuff that you cannot carry.