Reply To: Magic: keeping up with the AI?

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I suddenly considered a hurdle on the UI and naming on a Paired unit? Programming wise, I hope the name values of the individuals are remembered like all the rest and maybe put a name on the new combined unit card? The names could be restored when they are Separated again. Or if there’s room for the first 5 characters of each’s name on the new name? The inventory values, assuming you can only Pair them with identical equipment, type of warrior, and weapons, would be much more manageable. The opposite direction to go on it would be some sort of Squire/knight huscarl/lord relationship, not very Battle Brotherly, and I had Not seen an example of the enemy having a Passive mob protected by an Active mob.
I attached an artistic example for the visuals. Just off the internet, doesn’t look copyrighted or anything. I also realized, not all monsters are paired coming at the Battle Brothers, I’m not trying to disadvantage or advantage the game. The 12 soldier limit really does come on fast. A Perk for pairing is discussable although I’m against that, let the monks defend the monks and the disgraced noble share in a disgraced noble’s plight. Maybe the stats, are best expressable, as, a Cramped Quarters penalty -40% damage on all weapons. That way, its just basically a 20% bonus fielding 24 brothers with all their equipment and pay and everything. The late game money does sure seem to pile up by a lot of accounts, including mine. From what it looks like, the developers are already able to somehow control the healthpoints of the wolf, and the goblin, and maybe independent armor values, so maybe there’s some hidden mechanics here we can’t begin to comment. I know without Identical Equipment this is all demanding some sort of complete overhaul of UI features, identical backgrounds or levels, just get all those level 1 Beggar mobs! In my current UI scenario, the unit card is some Pair, the equipment slot shows Double Swords, Double-shields equipped, maybe we can drag two shields at a time into the slot ,get rid of all those round shields and extra equipment.