Reply To: Magic: keeping up with the AI?

Avatar photoMiaphysites

Now look I’m going to change the title pretty soon , you guys are too stuck on being humans. Our magic beats their magic is the battlecry of the centuries, they’re going to do something with the temples, we’re going to believe in things. They believe God influences the present world around them, in most medieval times. Not to get in eucharist or transubstantiation debates. Teutonic knights were terrifying to an enemy or battle monks encouraged the frontline? What about greek fire, scare tactics, caste the holy water. like 4/5ths of this whole thing is about goblins on wolves , should try skimming. Don’t tell me goblins now have Invented animal husbandry and animal taming or some junk like that. Look at them work better together than my battle brothers. It could keep some of the lower, common, easily paired classes and recruits in the competition as fodder, depending on if we’re talking about the item slot retainer idea, and a vertical relationship like that, or a horizontal relationship between paired battle brothers. Show me a programmer that doesn’t like to reuse code by the way, “unique races”. They could get monk or cleric to do revives on battle brothers like necromancer and their zombies. Or maybe just save them for after the battle, I know that’s enough of a motivator to have one. I get a real strong need to recycle the looted armors and equipments though, basically everything here. Equip some mobs that go in with you.