Reply To: Magic: keeping up with the AI?

Avatar photoMiaphysites

This is like the dictionary for Condescension with your face on it, explain basic things no one is misunderstanding. I read a Strategy Guide the only one they got on steam, and probably THREE other testimonials, ya JUST get the bags & belts on EVERY guy , just have them able to use EVERY weapon like a longbow alone wasn’t a life of training. Hey we can call a magic pixie stick a dagger but it really shoots fairie dust now we’re starting to enter High fantasy I guess. Well its an actual background the Monks as plentiful as fishermen and I’m not trying to over emphasize some minor contradiction between that and you saying there was No hint of Any Deities Whatsoever. On your Rock Paper Scissor paragraph, its not crystal clear you’re describing Rock Paper Scissor, that’s where all weapons are designed, or some other element is designed, to be best to defeat a counterpart while being best defeated by a 3rd counterpart, its pretty weak right now, here comes a goblin/bandit/orc with a sword/bow/net guess ill do what I always do which is, crossbow spam , instant switch sword/shield and pike it to death like the first steam guide said to do. I don’t want to throw Total War into everything, I don’t even know if its true, I Like that pikes would have Bonus damage to mounted units, I Like that some units are no good for melee, I Like the 2-handers get a charge, I Like the shield wall they got right now. I Guess I disagree, it does seem like I Wouldn’t want to have gone into some of these directions where, I don’t get to fire a crossbow and hit something with a pike on the same turn.