Reply To: Gameplay problems v2

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whatever formation or tactic you try, the orcs do that battle jump move to close onto your guys, they then just use shield smash moves until your shields are gone. Every orc warrior does this, and they have vastly move movement than the brothers do.

Add to this, the line deployment that the game does for you on turn one and its unavoidable.

And I have done so many non-combat missions where I could not find ANY roaming enemies to fight on or anywhere near the roads. Don’t forget the map generation is random, maybe you just got a lucky layout to always meet enemies.

Even so, thankyou for at least giving me a decent reply, Miaphysites.

When a poster like Cuba says what he did, its just a total “fuck you” reply that makes me out to be a total noob useless player.
I have infact 4 times completed the content throughout the patch versions. I know too well what every weapon and tactic is, almost to the point that I feel like writing some feedback on that topic as well….

As for using nets… go ahead and start your brothers each with a net, see what happens when the orcs jump you before you can throe them, and then proceed to kill your brother in one turn because he has no shield defence.