Reply To: Combat time limit

Avatar photoKomrad

Why doesn’t make sense? If you are defending you shouldn’t have to go to oponent. You receive him on the best ground for you. If they are attacking is because they think they can overcome my defenders advantage. Maybe the AI isn’t that smart (and even the player, because it can be dificult to predict how favorable the battle ground will be for you), althought, to be honest i think the AI in this game is really good (and i love that). But in a real battle the attacker attacks for a reason. He nedds to finish the enemy. If he can siege them he does so, he doesnt start a battle and advance to meters away from the enemy to then stop and say “Hey, maybe we should all stay here standing until they surrender”. I understand that the game doesn’t have a siege mecanic where the enemy can hold you in place, but still seems some time would do good to the game (ate least put a time limit on them to SHOW AT MY SCREEN so i can chase them without completelly destroy my formation or just let them retreat indefinetelly to the borders of the map.