Reply To: A different take on money

Avatar photokjellstor

Sorry didn’t see your response until now. Maybe I should drop by more often :)

You bring up some interesting points. It would be cool to get mercenaries with different types of incentives for being with the band. Maybe you could save someones life, and they would be with you for free out of debt and loyalty? I don’t think it would be very fun if your mercs retired, however :P But maybe they could use some R&R from time to time, though they get downtime between missions, especially if you need repairs and healing.

I still think weekly (or maybe even monthly) wages would be nice. And some sort of budget view. Like: Total money: 1400 Balance this week: -200
So you could try to get in the green each week. I think it would make it easier to manage your money in regards to buying gear and stuff.

Or maybe learn something from X-com. At the end of each period (weekly or monthly) you get Money earned from contracts – wages. So the money you have is money to spend, in a larges degree. Unless you don’t make anything one period, of course.

And… I wish supplies was incorporated into the wage, as it is basically the same thing, and not especially fun to manage. I pay them, let them buy their own damn food :P