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Actualy and you said it yourself it would be a problem of balance and controlling the feel and flow of the game for the designers.
I mean yeah if i look at your icon and you mention the double axe having more to hit and less fatigue cost i kinda get the feeling you want your favourite charackter to steamroll enemies in easymode (no offense). The thing i, actually amongst many other things, like about this game so much is that such a charackter cannot be made.
Heavy wepons feel heavy, they have steep drawbacks but are viable in specific situations but remain a gamble and thats what makes the strategy mechanics of this game so awesome. (And you kinda love the heavy wepons guy, not because he is Heman but he is a !specialist professional! <- thats the feel u get, a bloody merch, a human but still his job, his profession is: bring the big hurt down when and where its needed)

The other thing is and i really longed for this in a lot of fantasy rpgs and i really loved that e.g. in the dark eye series (and the map traveling, wich is still to this day one of the best rpg traveling things and wich you kinda reimplemented in this game) : There are not so many tiers of weapons fabricated of some more powerful mineral or with flames on it and a magical +X stat. for me the worst of the worse are those japanese rpg weapons, i have such a strong phobia against it that could need psychiatrist treatment srsly.
First of all Steel is steel, maybe there is good steel and maybe there are better and worse smiths. Having to shuffle weapons every half gamehour makes me distrust every weapon i get. When i buy a weapon in this game, i can trust it to what it should: Hurt with the pointy end.
The great thing in this game is and thats how it is in this world aswell: The shape of the steel gives meaningful mechanics. (Guild Wars II felt a little too overthetop for me in this regard)
Its a bit like in the real wold: There are professional lumber axes; at some point they all do the same thing: make you fell a tree. You can put gold ornate on it but that wont make it take less chops to fell a tree.

But again, as far as i understand it, this game already has special rare weapons but i like that they are bloody rare (not in the steak sense… well maybe that too).

agree on the armour tabart colour emblem stuff.