Reply To: Women

Avatar photothorismund

sry if that sounded offensive.
didnt mean to be seriously rude.
but nevertheless maybe a little stabby in a humorus kinda way.
i guess i forgot the “;)”
honestly, i already knew that they would have women in this, i didnt seriously believe that they wouldnt when i wrote this.
but still, you know, women being a “feature” that has to be implemented says something. so
my point was something else, let me try…

in the end for most of us older age fantasy rpg players its that reoccuring reminder that comes with the “;)” that actually
the fantasy setting we enjoy IS in fact a little politicaly incorrect BUT thats exactly what we subconciously like about it.
its a romantic phantasy of the white man. everything in this fantasy, including women, play roles of an exception to the rules.

for me its guilty pleasure

and actually, first creating men (sounds familiar somehow) and implementing women very late in the developement process is a message in itself.
but for me actually its secretly not a bad message, for me it says: oh great its going to be one of those oldscool feel games, from before the pleasure became guilty…

similar thing with homosexuality: 20 years ago giving a slap on the ass of your football team mate was something completely different then today.
even though the “man gang” feeling changed and maybe the slap on the ass of your teammate in fact got some new intonations to it, if you overcome homophobia you can still do it and its still very enjoyable (the “no homo” term pays tribute to that change btw.)
and this game actually has that feel and its great.

idk but in my opinion that IS something you can be stabby about, but i take this stab with a smile and i think the devs can do that too.
i think its amazing when game creators are selfconcious and confident about their customer profile.

i hope i made myself clearer now.