Reply To: Beast Faction Ideas

Avatar photoscaryned

Giants would be an interesting addition as well. They could have the most health out of any other unit, including orc warlords. They’re super slow, and if they’re fighting along side bandits or beasts, they will have no problem swinging around and hitting everybody. And their attack is tremendous, and can send battle brothers flying two tiles away. but they only attack once per turn, and they can’t attack at all if they move one tile.

they’re also much easier to scare away than you’d think. they’re size hides the fact that they have the intelligence of a toddler, and may run away in the heat of combat, despite odds being in their favour.

that’s my idea of an interesting giant to face in battle. maybe they could work along side bandits, or just hang with any beast-folk who pass by, taking scraps that the beasts leave behind after a battle, which he can help out in.