Reply To: Beast Faction Ideas

Avatar photoscaryned

last idea of the day involves giant spiders.

A beast that could be the most nimble among all others. they’re super fast, and have a large amount of stamina (or have actions that aren’t very fatiguing)

They can shoot webbing nets onto their opponent, and their bites have the same venom as that of goblins (which could be the very source of poison the goblins use on their blades). They also have superior morality since they’re insectile mind isn’t muddled with fear or moral reasoning.

They’re also immune to the aim bonuses of spears since they’re legs and small body aren’t ideal targets for stabbing.

What they lack is health. a sliver of health really. two stabs with a butter knife is all it takes, so long as you can land them.

They’re horrible at penetrating armour. Even clothing stands a good chance of protecting the individual from a venomous bite.

They also barely do any damage. it would take numerous bites from numerous spiders to bring a person down for good.

A monster like this makes me wonder how Paul would make a spider, since they don’t have an actual head or shoulders that all other units have on the battlefield. would you draw the whole thing? or add just the body with no legs?