Reply To: Endgame

Avatar photorpr

I got the same feeling. It is a great game but it has the lack of more inmersion after a while. And it is because the quests and events.

Sorry about my bad english.

I think, we want to affect the world even more and to be able of been part of the world. Through new quests and new events it would be possible.

Example, “new event” you fall in love wiht a young lady who belong to “x” town. So, you help this little town to survive by sword and bringing them resources and what ever. Prosterity brings to the town and new buildings are take place in it, and new people are coming to this place becacuse they have there more security. And after a while something happens, a new event tells you your lovely one got another man… a rich merchant.. so you can decide to go else where and forget about it or you can chose to destroy this place like Troy was once.

I know, you guys want to end this game during 2016 but keep in mind more expansions… it is a very good game and I will keep supporting it.