Reply To: What is your favourite turn-based, nonlinear strategy (except x-coms & BB)?

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For a great engine like this Jaysen (I just highly enjoyed the demo, getting mushed in both a difficult and moderate setting with superb, crafty, clever AI… maybe the best I have seen and I am a long-time turn-based strategy fan) if its you guys that keep churning out content (DLCs):
-Eastern Theme (A Chinese/Japanese faction)
-Arab or Ottoman theme
-More monster faction
-The ability to manage (or even build up) your own stronghold
-Mounted combat
I am sure that the community will bite :) … in the meantime I am going to start getting word out, I am very much in-tune with this genre of gaming, but I did not hear about you for a whole year of your existence… I am sure many others have not either!
Steam will work great for you!

BTW – for fan profiling’s sake in response to your list:

Skyrim had some great things to it – but in the end the combat system was highly disappointing, the level-based monsters was for many a bad practice of game design (a real open world should have mixed challenges) and overall, it was commercial and lacked soul at times

I am a total war modder :D (EB, RTR, Ran No Jidai, TROM3)

Would be nice to interview you guys for! Let me know if that is interesting