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On point 6:

– Shieldwalls, Spearwalls, Riposte, Knock Back and assorted Area-of-Effect attacks don’t cost any more Action Points than other skills with the same weapon (or with the other-hand weapon, in the case of the shield-based ones) but they do induce a lot more fatigue
– If a character obtains favourable level-ups for max fatigue, and/or gets some of the tier-2 perks that increase/restore max fatigue, the cost of the above attacks is no longer so great
– If a character’s melee defence is decently high (e.g. via level-ups, dodge, nimble or shield/shieldwall), you can eventually be quite nonchalant about strolling casually through a slaughterous melee with modest/meager risk of punishment (e.g. a nimble dodger can potentially walk through the gaps in a melee to make contact with several enemy ranged fighters, thus taking them out of action and removing a nimble fighter’s own Achilles Heel)
– If you’re not overwhelmed and use your first 4 Action Points to form a shieldwall, you’ll have a better chance of disengaging from melee with the remaining Action Points (and, if you’re no longer adjacent to any enemies on the next turn, you probably won’t be obliged to build up additional fatigue on that next turn)
– If only one enemy is adjacent and you use Knock Back (+25% chance to hit) so that the enemy is still engaged in melee but you aren’t, the immediate fatigue cost may be high but you probably won’t be obliged to build up more on the next turn
– A communal Spearwall may have a high cost of fatigue, but it has a high chance to keep the enemy disengaged so that your ranged fighters can pick them off, and then (after 2 or 3 turns) you may be able to move forth and finish them off with low-cost attacks
– Especially with the new formation options, a nimble fighter with high melee skill can deliberately surge into combat and get overwhelmed and then use Riposte, which then has a very good return for the fatigue cost (i.e. 2 attacks at each of up to 6 enemies, or 3 attacks if the enemies are direwolves)
– A heavily mailed fighter with a warbrand, greatsword or greataxe can do the above (ideally onto high ground) and use an Area-of-Effect attack, or (with the new formation options) can be positioned behind a gap in the front line that facilitates the Split skill (or: the use of Push or Shield Bash by other characters can manoeuvre enemies into suitable and ideally more vulnerable positions)