Reply To: a couple questions

Avatar photoShinobido

Hello Battlebro Devs

I would like to know if you have any kind of intention to add Cavalry or
Artilery to the game once you are done with the core of the game.

There are a lot of things in this game that remind me of Mount and Blade, first of course the Merchenary Band itself.
So my other question would be, do we get to see interaction between the individual Mercernarys while they travel on the map.
Maybe something like
-Duels between Rivals
-Feast at the Campfire
-Becoming Friends or Rivals with each other

and so on.

You already mentioned Ambushes in Forests or Mountains, but do you have plans for other kinds of special battles too?
– Camp battle while resting at Night
– Battle on a Bridge ( Stamford Bridge )
– Battle in Caves ( Limited Vision )
– Mutiny in the own Band

The Game has great potential and I know that you have limited resources, but I would still like to know
if you would add those things if you could right now or if you already had plans on those things.

I played the demo and think its great and I am also looking forward for Early Access and hope you will get enough support
to establish yourselfs in this branch of gaming.