Reply To: On the New Weapons (Build

Avatar photoMeeky

The two-handed hammer works VERY efficiently. It costs the same amount of fatigue to swing as anything (15 fatigue, just like ALL two-handed weapons that aren’t orcish), so as long as you’re using a couple of hornblowers, you’re fine. Essentially, realize that it’s a two-hander with the same effectiveness vs. armor as a warhammer AND that it can hit 3 guys at once. Yowza.

The longaxe is a good pole weapon that can split the shields of any opponent which bunkers up too much. My one complaint about Split Shield – and this is always the case, really – is you need multiple guys to break the shield together to make it efficient, and THEN have them go for the throat with much higher chances to hit. But if you’re using multiple longaxes, you can do just that thanks to their reach… It’s nice.