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Avatar photoWargasm

On “a few”:
They’re using “a” to say 1, and “a few” to mean 2-3 or 2-4 or something like that. The reason for this is simple:

To leave you guessing how many bandit leaders / necromancers / orc warriors you’re fighting exactly.

If they said “a couple” and THEN said “a few,” it’d mean you’d have a more precise knowledge of how many enemies you’re fighting. A little mystery goes a long way in making you reconsider your attack (such as is that “a few” Necromancers 2 or 3?), which I personally think is a good thing.

This was aimed at an entirely different post. I agree it would be a good idea to keep you guessing and on your toes. My point, however, it that it is always 2 and never 3 or 4, and thus all uncertainty is eliminated after a short spell of play.