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8- Do most players use two-handed weapons (not reach, but greatswords and such)? Those characters just seem too vulnerable. I may have them with a character with a reach weapon, to quick-hands swap to if an enemy gets in base contact, but otherwise I almost never use them. Maybe some slight tweaks to make single-handed weapons a little less effective, and two-handed ones a bit more powerful?

well IMO, i think 2H weapon is great especially using greatsword and placed in the rear where he can hit up to 3 guys with his AoE without injuring other brothers, i especially like long reach 2H weapon like long axe and billhook, very usefull against orcs. especially used by crosbowman (usually sellsword background).
2H weapons are also great combined with high stamina (for heavier armor) brother like wildling and hedge knight.

but mostly i think 2H is situational, usually i switch to 2h when they already in reach