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2-hander weapons can certainly be effective in the right context. I bought a sellsword with good all-round attack and defence skills and 3-4 ready-made level-ups. So I immediately gave him utility perks so that he could wear lots of heavy armour and carry lots of weapons in reserve, and then started making him more destructive with offensive perks. Now, at level 11 with no defensive perks, his melee and ranged skill are both c. 75 and his melee and ranged defence are both c. 25. I often just throw him right into the middle of the melee. He might receive a few scratches, but then he (aided by Bloody Harvest and perhaps some shield-smashing from comrades) performs a vicious swing with a greatsword or 2-handed hammer, which is bound to kill or severely wound at least one of those bastards. Then he still has 3 action points and can quick-handedly take out a Spiked Impaler that only costs 2 action points to fire. His offensive perks include both Close-Combat Archer (+50% damage with ranged weapons from 1-2 tiles at any time) and Killing Frenzy (+50% damage with any weapon after a kill), which means that this initial shot is either going to do (at least) 200% of normal damage or is going to kill someone off so that he’ll be able to do at least 200% damage on his next turn. And he still has another couple of impalers hidden in his pockets …