Reply To: Contracts disbalance

Avatar photoRusBear

Most unbalanced … frankly – useless – it is a high value contracts on “deadly” for orcs (8 or more Orc Warriors). if you are weak – you lose half of the team or start again, if you are level 11 you lose good weapons and armor to repair the amount of excess payment in several times. It is only on foreign Streams wonderful to watch as this contract ends streamer’s try. In own game – if I play for the company of mercenaries, what conclusion can I do – well, never again to take contracts for the orcs. It is the goal of developers – to lose the content of the game? Well, “ok”, in this case. And it would be good to review the loot in such contracts – “named” or even legendary human weapon, some hidden treasures or continuing quest, the addition to the flag – the standard of the group – something like orcs winner. Anything but give me the sense to fight with orcs (if someone thinks that his penis will be bigger from the fact that he after 5 loads win unbalanced enemy – it his problem).
Now, after the introduction of the updated perk tree developers will have a lot of work on balancing the game, it’s time to balance and this. It is high time.