Reply To: [Beta patch] You changed something about ranged weapons havent you?

Avatar photoDanubian

No, there is not the perks and how they have changed and there’s the fact that your “shooters” out of 6 gex to “miss” gets it in the back of team friend. this is not the perks – this is probably the new mechanics… I had guessed?

Well, re-balance was part of the update, so I expected a decrease in the punch of ranged weapons.

I’ve noticed that beginner ranged brothers are worse. Once I got the perk for reducing the effect of obstacles, my hit percentage jumped immensely, along with a marked decrease in “friendly fire”. I’ve been a “crossbow scummer” for a while, now. While I never did any studies of hit percentages, overall I haven’t noticed any huge difference once I get guys a little experienced. It’s not as nice as the “one-shot-drops-all” crossbowmen I had before the update, but they’re not bad.

I have a level 7 party with 2-4 crossbowmen (depending on situation) and 2 archers – all of whom are 60+ ranged now. And i have noticed a drop in hit rates at distance (before a 60+ ranged brother would hit vast majority of times at distance). But worst of all even when there are no other obstacles, but your brothers between you and your target, the game now seems to basically hit your bro’s backs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more often than enemies. Which makes your crossbowmen effectively only usable first 2 rounds of the battle, as when the enemies make contact with your brothers, youll be hitting their backs more than enemies.

Now someone said “learn to move”.

Lets move the ranged characters, and waste damage per round, to get to a different position, only to still shoot at enemies who are locked in melee combat, and still hit your brothers like all the time. So no, thats not a viable thing.

Once all enemies have made contact with your bros, the usuability of ranged weapons drop to almost zero, and you might as well simply switch to a 2 tiles 2 handed support weapon.

So if you have a “dedicated” ranged brother, that is in practical sense, a waste of a character as you will be forced to switch to secondary.

This is a problem as this wasnt the case before.