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Avatar photoRusBear

Well – I am forced to write this suggestion – more to clean own conscience, because I believe, that the developers surely thought about it.

1. Fact № 1 – the existing system rnd hits (5 misses with 80+ of 7 try – and “this is the way it should be”) does not awesome for all
2. The fact № 2 – the developers have a 100% chance, and there is already not get to miss) would not change it.
What we have now? Stalemate. Is offered (for a long time and not only me) – to increase HP for all or decrease damage for all – so hit’s system results which is already “working as it should be” will work “as it should be” even better. All these 2 times unluck to you and the 2 times lucky enemy and minus brother will not be as pronounced and tactical right decisions (employment hg positions, raise a shield or a aimed blow at head) will finally affect in the game more than the luck factor.
Sorry my English. Thanks for reading.