Reply To: Big Animals/Monsters + Contract suggestion

Avatar photoHanekem

I think on a hex map 3 tiles might work well for large monsters, since 4 hexes will put the creature at a slant, for bears I think the devs could get away with 1 tile.

But generally would love both to have large monsters, and to have more beast slaying quests, like the direwolf mission, since hunting large non-sentient beasts for profit seems like a very medieval thing to do for a small mercenary company.

I also like the honey bee setup, that’s funny. I’d love some beginner quests for chump change, maybe a free barrel of mead.

Plus there is that age old RPG tradition of hunting Rodents of unusual size

But yeah, monsters, from the mundane to the mystical, from the easy to the oh god, I think that’s my spleen! would be lovely.
They need t be distinct, and challenging in their own unique ways.

I’d really love to know the full list the Devs are going to introduce. wonder if there is any insta-kill monster (like the Gorgon) or those that need to be killed in certain ways (Hydra) or monsters that have more than one segment (mostly for the Hydra, but also Dragons, giant snakes, and other nasty, nasty critters) and can be targeted individually